Medium air purifier for central air conditioner

Medium air purifier for central air conditioner

This Medium size air purifier for central air conditioning can be installed above the air outlet to improve the air quality. It is specially designed for central air conditioning.


Our air purifier adopt the newest environmental plasma and healthy anions techniques.


The environmental plasma can degrades the poisonous gas, living virus and bacteria rapidly by producing an asymmetric electric field through pulse discharging. It can sterilize, dispel peculiar smell, prevent smoke and control dust efficiently to achieve a perfect air clean effect. And no toxic substance will be produced during the whole process. This technique is know as the most anticipated high technique in the environmental and healty sciences field in the 21st century.


The healthy anions use a variety of techniques such as nanometer-semiconductor material coating, light absorb spectrum sharing and induction catalyst etc. It releases lots of high quality anions which can entirely enhance the indoor air quality and improve human's metabolism and health.


The advantages of our product is as follows:

1. No consumables

2. High performance price ratio

3. Adopts no ozone technique

4. No need to unpick and wash

5. High quality output air

6. Killing viruses, bacteria, allergens and other toxic microorganisms instantly.

7. Thoroughly decompose formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and TVOC etc.

8. Efficiently eliminate the odour, smoke, floating dust and peculiar smell.


Dimension: 404x386x430mm

Power Supply: 220V AC

Power: 90W


Product Origin: China
Model Number: A-011
Brand Name: Love-air

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